Closing Logo Group

1st Logo

(October 7, 2001-April 3, 2002)

Nicknames: "Creepy Basement", "Creepy Scientist". 

Logo: We see an bunch of film reels stocked in a poor lit basement with rats crawling all over them. Then the camera moves out to the left, showing more of the basement with chains and spiderwebs everywhere, then the camera zooms into a scientist shoulder who turns and laughs eerily to the spectator, them it zooms in even further to a screen with the logo, consisting on a triangle with a zombie-like hand coming out of it with the words. 


F e a t u r e S

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Poor CGI for the time.

Music/Sounds: An eerie theme in tune with some cheesy clarinet and organ arrangement followed by sounds of blowing wind, thunder cracks and sounds of moving chains. Finally, the scientist's laughter. 

Availability: Very rare, it was only seen on the five movies the company made. Most of them are usually cut or plastered. It has been reported in some late-night reairings of it's movies on the Latin American HBO channel, and well as some Chilean television airings. The DVD however, leaves this logo uncut. 

Scare Factor: Low to nightmare. It's obvious that whole logo is made for being scary, but it's lower for those who used to it. You must laugh at it's cheesiness though.