Closing Logo Group

Background: Columbia TriStar Central Productions was a joint-venture between Columbia TriStar International Television and Central Independent Television. Carlton Television would take Central's place a little later.

(January 6, 1995-August 27, 1998)[]

Logo On a grahy background is a black ellipse with "cTCp" inside. The "c" is orange, overlapping the tall purple "T". Next to it is a green "C" with a blue "p" in its opening. Below it is the text "Columbia TriStar Central Productions" in a black Arial font. Below the ellipse is a black and blue gradient shadow.


  • On Married for Life, the entire text is replaced by a copyright disclaimer reading "©Columbia TriStar CARLTON UK Productions" with "CARLTON" in the form of its logo.
  • On the seventh and final series of The Upper Hand, the logo takes place on a gray marble background that was used for the Carlton and Central endcaps, and the text from before is used, albeit in white. The shadow is also transparent.
  • On Loved by You, the logo takes place on a purple gradient background, which was used for the standard Carlton end caps from 1996. Once again, the text was replaced by "©Columbia TriStar CARLTON Productions", with "CARLTON" in the form of its logo.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on the sixth and seventh series of The Upper Hand, Married for Life, and Loved by You (all British remakes of American shows).