Welcome to CLG Wikia's Requests for rollback. Rollback is a special ability given to certain users to undo negative edits by only clicking a simple button. The Rollback right is not needed often. This is not a major ability, yet if used correctly and efficiently, it can help prove you are a mature user. Users who undo edits often are users who should request here. For this page, there is no vote. Only an approval or rejection by an administrator will be needed.

Note to Requester

Use the following code, filling in < > with what it wants you to enter.

Code for Requesters:

{{Request|Username|Reason as to why you should be an rollbacker|Signature}}:*


When typing:

The following would appear:


Talk · Contributions · All logs · Block log · Upload log · User Rights log

Because... --User

Note to Administrators

When approving or rejecting a request, use a bullet point below the request to say Done, or Not Done. Here is an example:

  • Done. I have seen excellent undos and contributions from you. --Example

Here is an example of a rejected request:

  • Not Done. I do not see undos or many contributions from you. --Example

Be sure to look at the user's contributions and logs before accepting or rejecting them.

Requests for Rollback

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