Closing Logo Group

This is the Closing Logo Group's criteria for deletion.


Wrong title

Titles or filenames can be wrong. For example: G-TV is the right title but the wrong title is Weneniers, Karada, etc.

Type {{delete|Wrong title}} or {{speedydelete|Wrong title}} on the page.


Page vandalism can have fake/fanon/imaginary logos.

Type {{delete|Fake logo}}, {{delete|Vandalism}}, {{speedydelete|Vandalism}}, or {{speedydelete|Fake logo}} on the page.



Used for articles about a non-notable subject.

Type {{delete|Not notable}} or {{speedydelete|Not notable}} on the page.

Non-notable, and only 1 person edited

Used for articles that are not notable, but the editor seems to be the same person.

Type {{delete|Not notable, editors seem to be the same person}} on the page.


Plain text

An image could be made only with plain text. It either is or isn't a logo, depending on the image.

If it's not a logo, then mark it for deletion.

Type {{delete|that's not a logo, it's plain text}} or {{speedydelete|text}} on the page.

Used for logos that are an imaginary, fake or fanon logo.

Type {{delete|Fake logo}} or {{delete|Fanon logo}} on the page.

Personal images

Used for pictures of a person, a pet, an animal, a bug, a huggable, a doll or a puppet.

Type {{delete|That's not a logo, it's a person, a bug, or an animal}} or {{speedydelete|Personal image}} on the page.

NSFW logos/content

Used for pictures (especially logos) that show inappropriate content such as gore, pornography, nudity, profanity, etc.

Type {{delete|Inappropriate content}} or {{speedydelete|NSFW}} on the page.


Used for images of non-logos.

Type {{delete|Non-logo}} or {{delete|Not a logo}} on the page.


Template can't work

Used for templates that won't work.

Type {{delete|This template doesn't work}} or {{delete|Template doesn't work}} on the page.

Nothing to do with the CLG

Used for templates that nothing to do with the CLG. Type {{delete|Nothing to do with the CLG}} or {{speedydelete|Nothing to do with the CLG}} on the page.


Used for articles, images and templates with spam and advertising.

Type {{delete|This article, image or template contains spam}} on the page.