Closing Logo Group

1st Logo (????-????)

Logo: We see a red background, with white-colored students and a white window. One of the closest students, of which he is in front of the bomb one, tries to throw the cat jumping 2 times. The cat then goes to the person in the left-middle, throws at it, and we zoom in fast to the students, and then the window. The cat then crashes to it, And we see another red background with chalk disorder on the bottom, which chinese text, and below "classmates productions, co. ltd." would appear. The cat then walks with ten paw prints to the right and then leaves.

Variant: There was  a variant when all the students are holding a red line. The cat then backflips to it, and all the students raise their hand. Once the cat jumps, the chinese text and the text "classmates productions" all in middle of a white line, appear in a flat rectangle, which is reminiscent of the line. All the students now go back to normal.

FX/SFX: Everything in this logo, and the cat jumping and the text appearing in the variant, all in 2D animation.

Cheesy Factor: It vaporizes the scale. The students' looks are weird, The classrooms aren't red, cats don't beat pressure for windows, they doesn't backflip and the text is overly weird! Logos are made to be serious, not to be such a kiddy cartoon like this. Also, this looks like it has been made by a 6-year old child that his creativity got exploded to make "the perfect logo". Next time, do not tell any kid to do any logo, beacuse we told you so.


  • Students conversations, the cat jumping and then the student throwing the cat, and a shattering glass, followed by a bombastic note and the paws of the cat.
  • None for the variant.

Availability: Rare, bordering on extinct. Seen on their films of the time.

Scare Factor: Depends on the variant.

  • Normal version: High. The kiddy version, the cat shattering the window and some more other things which has this logo is sure to disjoint more than a few's lives. Also, the cheesiness of the logo and the red background are so outlandish for a scare.
  • Variant: None to minimal. This is much tamer than before, but the students may get to you.