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Claro Americas is part of América Móvil, a Mexican telecom group serving clients in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the United States (Puerto Rico), and Uruguay. The company's name means "bright", "clear" or "of course" in Portuguese and Spanish. Claro Chile was originally known as Chilesat PCS, which later renamed to Smartcom PCS. Claro was launched in Chile on August 6, 2006, after its acquisition of Smartcom PCS. Slogans such as "Yo soy Claro, y me gusta." ("I am Claro, and I like it.") have appeared in advertisements.


(August 6, 2006, June 2008)[]

Nicknames: ''Red Ball Globe'', ''The Red Dots Globe'', ''The Claro Sphere ''

Logo: We see a light blue background the Claro ball moves to the right and hits the screen, and zooms out of a red background and with a red dots in the earth. The earth turns red and pans down to the right and turns the Claro logo and the slogan ''Claro que tienes mas'' turns underneath the sphere.

Variants: In stead of panning down to the right, the slogan's text is getting bigger. This is can be seen of the ''Prepago de lanzamiento'' promo and ''Plan Joven'' promo. The logo is getting shortened and the pixie dust rotates into the logo.It was seen on a Christmas commercial. In the 2006 Chilean telethon, the symbol is on the sphere but it pans down to form the Claro logo, also in the 2007 Chilean telethon, although the symbol and the slogan appears.


Early: A male singer sings the slogan ''Claro que tienes mas'' when it's launched.

Late: A choir sings the slogan ''Claro que tienes mas'' at the end of the commercials 2006 and 2008.

Music/Sounds Variants: In a ''Llego el verano'' Commercial, a smooth-talking male voice sing the slogan at the end of the commercial. In a 2006 Chilean telethon commercial and a 2006 Christmas commercial, a different choir with children sing the slogan. In a 2007 ''Mi primer Claro'' commercial, we hear kids singing the slogan.

Availability: Fairly common. It seen at the end of commercials and one of the auspice of one of the television programs of every Chilean channel since 2006 between 2008.

Scare Factor: None.


(October, 2007, May, 2010)[]

Nicknames: ''The Claro Sphere II''

Logo: We see a white background, the Claro sphere falls down and the slogan fades in underneath.

Variants: In a 2007 Christmas commercial, the logo is in a Christmas tree sphere. On the 3G commercials, the text 3G swoops before the Claro logo forms.

Music/Sounds: The same choir singing the slogan, in mid-2008. A 6-note fanfare is heard at the end of commercials, also a male announcer says ''Con Claro, Claro que tienes más''.


(June, 2010, May, 2017)[]

Nicknames: ''The Claro Sphere III''

Logo: We see a gray background, the Claro logo and the slogan, fades right to the end of a commercial.

Variants: In a white background, the Claro logo is now with a slogan ''Yo soy Claro, y me gusta'' and in 2014 it changed ''Con Claro, Es posible''.

Music/Sound: The closing song of the commercial.


(May, 2017-)[]

Nicknames: ''The Claro Sphere IV

Logo: Same as before, now the slogan is changes to ''Con Claro, nada te detiene''. since 2017 until 2019. The slogan is now ''Lo bueno de cambiar''.

Music/Sounds: The closing song of the commercial.