Background: Chengdu Coco Cartoon (or simply Coco Cartoon) is a chinese animation studio responsible for the 2019 animated movie Ne Zha, which became the highest grossing chinese animated movie ever, the third highest grossing chinese movie ever, and the first animated movie to surpass the 500 million dollar mark before releasing in the US.

1st Logo (July 26th, 2019 - )

Logo: We open on a close-up shot of an orange blob with arms, legs, a face and a kerchief playing the drums. We then quickly cut to another close up shot of a similar orange blob, but with streaks of hair of different colors instead of a kerchief, playing an electric guitar. After that, we again quickly cut to another shot of a similar blob also playing an electric guitar while shaking his hair. We then cut to a shot that reveals the three blobs are a rock band playing on a stage over a pool filled with a crowd of other orange blobs. The band stops playing as we cut to a shot of the crowd, looking unimpressed at them. One of the blobs in said crowd takes a slow sip at a cola drink as we again cut to a shot of the entire pool. We then cut to a shot of the two guitarist blobs, who look at each other with an annoyed expression. The next five shots consist on one of them unplugging one of the cables in the stage and throwing it to the pool, electrocuting all the crowd as they keep playing. The final shot then is the camera traveling through the pool until getting to the band, where one of the guitarists creates a sound wave which forms a wave in the pool that splashes the screen. The splash serves as a transition to a grey background with the finished logo, which consists on an orange image of a TV screen with a splat in the left down corner and the text “Coco Cartoon”, in Chinese, below.

FX/SFX: Really good CGI animation, the logo feels more like a short cartoon than an actual logo

Music/Sounds: Before the logo’s animation begins, we hear a scream. After that, we hear a rock theme which stops when the band also stops playing, and resumes after the band starts playing again. This is accompanied by sound-effects like the slow sip of the drink and the electricity.

Availability: Brand new, so far it has only been seen on Ne Zha.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, the sudden scream can surprise the people not expecting it, as well as the rock music, but it’s a really funny and curious logo.

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