Closing Logo Group

1st logo




Logo:Over a BW gradient with floor and structures below , an outlined circle moves to right , a script then appears , writes the "Cea" followed by "DISTRIBUCION" and the script "Presenta" writes below.

FX:The moving and zooming.

Music:A orchestral fanfare , then follow the shrilled violins fanfare.

Scare Factor:Low , it's good animation.

2nd logo


Logo:On a black background , a circle draws and lines draws , forming a latitude globe , then "C" in Trade Gothic font , followed by "E" and "A" , and the words "Distribucion" in Futura font , appears letter by letter , then "Presenta" in Futura font wipes in below.

FX:The drawing and appearing.

Music:Same as the previous logo.

Scare Factor:None.

3rd logo


Logo:A globe as the previous logo zoom in , on a blue background with stars moving , the "CEA" doing as previous and "Distribucion" in Futura font doing as previous logo. The logo then "Presenta" in Futura font (as seen on 2nd logo) appears doing as previous logo.

FX/SFX:The zooming in and appearing.

Music:See the 1st and 2nd logo.

Scare Factor:None.

4th logo


Logo:We see a Nubian monuments in Egypt (nicknamed Abu Simbel) , filmed in CinemaScope , The black skies and white silhouette turns to white and black skies or silhouette , the light reveals a Abu Simbel , and the arched text "COMPANIA ESPANOLA FILMOTECA" appears , then diamond shape draws , with "CEA" in Century Gothic font , then "Distributora Filmoteca S.A.C.L" in warped text appears letter by letter , followed by "Presenta a" in right.


  • For international releases , the Spanish language replaces English language translation.
  • On dubbed releases , the "Presenta" appears.

FX:The animating letters. By this logo , a silhouette turning.


  • 1st fanfare:A 5-note fanfares , followed by bombastic fanfare.
  • 2nd fanfare:The fanfare is different.
  • 3rd fanfare:The dark sounds followed by 2-note dark fanfare , Then a different bombastic fanfare with a 6-note orchestral fanfare.
  • 4th fanfare:A xylophone sounds followed by 16-note xylophone fanfare.

Scare Factor:

  • 4th fanfare:Low , the xylophone fanfare may scare some.
  • 2nd fanfare:Medium , but a seizure-inducing logos music and mixed sound may scare some.
  • First fanfare:Medium , the logos containing stolen contents for the Abu Simbel may scare (logos in content is not in movement (refer to cheesiest elemental).