Closing Logo Group

Background: Castle Hendring was a British home video distributor, and a joint venture between Castle Vision and Hendring, Ltd.


GW430 (5)

Logo: The full Hendring logo plays as usual, but after tge theif presses the button, the letterbox closes the footage annd the bottom half fades to blue. Now,, "CASTLE" [in gradient gold] slides out from the blue half and "HENDRING" [in the same style] slides out from the black half. Three arrows flash in in sync with the music making a symbol silimar to a forward button. A light blue outline of a rectangle along with shadows of the words and the outline of the rectangle fade in.

Variant: The short version has the logo's animation.

FX/SFX: Effective CG.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Hendring logo. The short version cuts in on the long buzzing sound.

Availability: The normal version was seen on An Audience with Kenneth Williams, while the short version is seen on Phillip Schofield's Going Live Adventure Films.

Editor's Note: Same as the Hendring logo.