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(1988-Early 1990s)[]

Canadian Video Factory (1986?)

Nickname: "Creepy CVF"

Logo: On a very dark blue/black gradient background, we see an abstract "CVF", with the maple leaf icon (that you see on the Canada flag) inside the C. The CVF is colored in a silver-pink-blue gradient. The colors slide from left to right across the CVF. It zooms out very slowly to the top, with a red color wiping from both sides of the logo, and when they meet in the center, "CANADIAN VIDEO FACTORY" (in cadet gray, making it look hard-to-see) slides in below, which shines a couple of times.

FX/SFX: Rather dated CGI and 2D effects. The accuracy, however, is fair.

Music/Sounds: A rising "WHOOSH" (more like a rumble), a somewhat faint yet loud "CRASH!", and then some electronic beeps.

Availability: Seen on many Canadian tapes, often preceding either of the Nova Home Video logos.