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Background: Cal Vista International was an American adult film production and distribution company from California.

Warning: Due to the logo's nudity, videos of this logo will not be allowed on this site.

Nickname: "Quiet, Lisa, The Dog Is Barking!", "The Constellation", "Feels Like I'm Wearing Nothing at All", "Stupid Sexy Flanders!"

Logo: The logo opens with shot of flowers in some grass on a brown and blue background dancing altogether. After a couple of seconds, it zooms out to show the whole scene with a grassy floor, a rock, and several more flowers. A blonde naked woman wearing only a transparent cloak walks in from the left side of the screen, carrying a 35mm movie camera over her left shoulder and looking through the viewfinder. She stops at the right side of the screen and turns toward the viewer. A small dog emerges from the camera's lens and jumps onto the rock. A butterfly emerges from the grass, flying over the dog and off the screen to the right. The camera zooms into the dog as it barks twice. As the camera zooms out, the dog barks three more times. The words "CAL", "VISTA" and "INTERNATIONAL", in a font similar to Baker Signet, appear on the screen after every bark. The scene then fades out, but the words remain on a black background with a bunch of white dots spinning around them. The word "presents" in the same font appears below the company's name and the background begins to sparkle. After a few seconds, the screen turns completely black. 

FX/SFX: The flowers dancing, the woman walking into shot, the dog shaking, jumping and barking, the butterfly flying, the spinning white dots, the sparkles.

Music/Sounds: In the first part, orchestral music featuring strings, woodwinds and the vibraphone (along with the dog's bark at the end, and a long brass fanfare for the second part.

Availability: Unknown. It can presumably be seen on Cal Vista Video releases.