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Nicknames: "Not A Good Optical Illusion", "Argentine Cinehollywood Ripoff", "The Other Son of Enterprise


Bujotoon Magic Video (VHS Argentina)

Producciones", "Did A 10-Year Old Make This?!", "Hey! I Think I've Seen This Logo Before!"

Logo: We see the intro of the Cinehollywood logo, with the flashing background and exploding star, but then there's a freeze-frame and the blue text "BUJOTOON MAGIC VIDEO" appears. Then we cut to the spiral optical illusion of the same logo, then another freeze-frame happens and the word "PRESENTA", in the same style as the company text, appears.

FX/SFX: The animation of the Cinehollywood logo and the words appearing.

Cheesy Factor: Horrible "animation" from Argentina, once again. They stole both the animation and music of the Cinehollywood logo and the freeze-frames really look cheap, as if it was a video editing beginner having to work on the logo without any experience of an animation software of some sort. The addition of the Cinehollywood logo being cheesy will also contribute.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Cinehollywood logo, but shortened.

Availability: Unknown.

Scare Factor: Low due to the sudden beginning of the original logo, although some people may be laughing at the animation/music theft, and for that, it may actually even decrease the scare factor for them.