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Background: Bootleg Films was an Australian production company. Its only known production was the obscure 1985 exploitation film Bootleg.


Bootleg Films (1985)

Logo: We fade and slowly zoom into into what appears to be an entire galaxy. About a second later a bright light fades in. It begins to rotate, getting brighter and brighter before the light totally takes up the screen. We fade out from white to a red 3D shape of Queensland, Australia with an army green filmstrip that has the text "BOOTLEG FILMS" on it wrapped around the outline (all on a black background). Six dashes move towards the top of the shape before being revealed to be a symbolization of radio airwaves made up of six rows of dashes (six in each row). The "airwaves" flicker on and off (a la RKO) before the logo fades out a couple seconds later.

Trivia: The logo's shape is the state of Queensland, Australia, which is where the film Bootleg was filmed.

FX/SFX: The light and the "airwaves".

Music/Sounds: It starts with four rising analog synth chords, and as the "airwaves" appear we hear a synth imitating Morse code.

Availability: Extremely rare. Only known to appear on the obscure 1985 film Bootleg.

Editor's Note: None.