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Boje Buck Filmproduktion was a German production company founded by Claus Boje and Deltev Buck in 1992.

(1993- )

Nicknames: "The Rabbit", "Snake-Killing Rabbit", "The Evil Rabbit", "The Rabbit from Hell", " *insert Monty Python and The Holy Grail reference here*", "You're Next", "So The Rabbit Rescued Mowgli, Not Baloo", "Tiger Productions' German Son", "Dan Curtis Productions/Metromedia Producers Corporation's German Child"

Logo: On a country landscape background, the screen fades-in to a close-up of a detailed blue-white rabbit with a snake in its mouth and a predatory look in its eyes. The screen then slowly zooms away, revealing the rest of the rabbit, the snake's corpse and the second brown rabbit behind. Then on the left



and "präsentiert" in gold and with a black shadow under the text fades in. The text is black and in a Stencil font, with red separation line and appears creased.


  • On Knallhart, the background is black, there was only the one rabbit with the snake, and they are in black and white and more darker, and the white name was in a different font (like from a crayon from a blackboard) and just slided in from the left, and has a crayon white separator, and the text präsentiert doesn't appear.
  • On the trailer and the film of Same Same but Different, the rabbit and the snake appear inside some high grass in a landscape with palm trees in the background. Only the upper half of the bodies of both animals are visible due to the height of the grass. In addition, the text has a blue separator and just splashes in. And the logo begins with the transition of a circle zooming-in on a black background.

FX/SFX: Just a simple zoom-out from the rabbit's (evil) face.

Music/Sounds: None (which adds to the creepiness) or the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen on films distributed by the company, such as Knallhart, Wir können auch anders, Same Same but Different, Sonnenallee, Herr Lehmann and Bandyta.

Scare Factor:

  • Original Variant: Low to Nightmare; one might feel as if the rabbit is staring into your soul, then jumps off the television, laptop, or computer and then gets ready to kill you, especially at the beginning with the closeup of its face! The silence and the disturbing environment doesn't help at all.
  • Knallhart variant: Nightmare, thanks to the removal of the colors and the darkness makes it even worse. The disturbing background was removed, but this doesn't help, actually.
  • Same Same but Different variant: Low to Medium. The rabbit is still evil, but the tamer background, and the nice sounds of the crickets (the opening theme of the film) make this variant much tamer than the other variants.