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Bigman Productions is a Cambodian music company that produces many Khmer karaoke music videos.


Bigman Productions (2013)

Logo: Inside a temple of ruins (which looks similar to the Angkor Wat temple), there is a muscular, shirtless tribesman carrying the company's logo (which consists of a grey rectangle with the golden words "BIGMAN" and "PRODUCTIONS" with a line below "PRODUCTIONS" while the "B" itself is colored black and is large to the left) on his shoulder while walking to the left. The screen then cuts to a black clouds time-lapse, with the shot changing to a different shot of the temple with the man walking towards the camera. Then, his feet is seen to stopped walking as the man takes the logo off his shoulder, let his other hand hold the logo, and quickly waves it up and down before showing the camera the company's name. Finally, there is a flash that transitions the shot to white and then fades to black.

FX/SFX: A mix of live-action and CGI.

Music/Sounds: An horror-like string orchestra theme, with a male person later saying "Bigman Productions" (the theme fades out once he starts to say "Productions").

Availability: Seen on Khmer videoke releases from the company during the early 2010s.

Editor's Note: The animation is undeniably cheap for 2013 standards.