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Bell Media is a large Canadian broadcasting and television production company, a subsidiary of Bell Canada. The current entity derives from CTV, formerly Baton Broadcasting, and was introduced in 2011, after Bell Canada replaced assets of CTVglobemedia on 1st April 2011. On 16th March 2012, Bell Media announced that Montreal-based Astral Media accepted a takeover bid for an estimated value at $3.38 billion. The deal was finalized on June 27, 2013.

1st Logo (April 2011-2013)[]

Logo: We see a close-up view on a big blue "B" letter, standing on a surface. Then we move right and the name zooms out, reading "Bell Media". It also seems to cast a vague reflection on the floor.

FX/SFX: The animation of the zooming name.

Music/Sounds: An engine-like premise followed by three waterdrop ding sounds, which is the same as the CTVglobemedia logo.

Availability: Common. Replaces the CTV logo on The Listener starting from mid-season two, on Flashpoint, The Sanctuary and newer episodes of Degrassi (TeenNick airings don't have it). Also appears on The L.A. Complex.

2nd Logo (2013- )[]

Logo: We see a close-up view of the 'e' in the Bell logo, forming as light flickers and shines through it on the white surface from before. We then cut to a full view of the Bell Media logo from before as it finishes appearing and the light slowly dies, with just a small flash left below ''Bell'' as we zoom out. ''ORIGINAL PRODUCTION'' is below.

FX/SFX: The flashing, and the zoom out.

Music/Sounds: A held-out synth note with slight whooshes as the light shines through that fades away at the end.

Availability: Common.

3rd Logo (2020?- )[]

Logo: We move across the Bell logo as it forms like the previous logo, albeit in 2D this time around. The 'M' in 'Media' can be seen on the right, but we soon fade to white and then to the Bell Media print logo zooming out to the top of the screen. ''STUDIOS'' zooms out below it, and ''ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING'', stacked, fades in at the very bottom, stretching out a bit.

Variant: An alternate variant exists with ''Distribution'' below the Bell Media logo. The logo is also still.

FX/SFX: The forming of the Bell logo, fades and zoomouts.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Common.