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Avala Film was one of the most active film producers in Yugoslavia, and one of the 2 main film production houses of Yugoslavia, with the other being Jadran Film. They have produced 443 films until their start of inactivity in 2000.

1st Logo

(17 December 1951-24 October 1985)

Avala Film (Cyrillic) (1951, Source - Decak Mit)

Avala Film (Cyrillic, close-up) (1953, Source - Daleko je sunce)
Avala Film (1953, Source - Bila sam jaca)


Logo: On a black background, we see a bordered pentagon, with the words "AVALA" and "FILM". Both words are sheared to the top. Below the pentagon there's a filmstrip with "BEOGRAD" on the center.

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: Despite being a still logo, the music does not fit at all.

Music/Sounds: Mostly silent, but sometimes a two note, evil sounding brass fanfare is used.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen on their films of the time.

Scare Factor: High to nightmare. Definitely the black background, weird logo design, scratchy B&W prints and dark music make a scary mix. It may vary for those who used to it.