Closing Logo Group


Logo: We start out over the ocean and see a grayish-blue sky. In the distance, a plane comes toward us. The plane goes by us and we see it fly toward the sun with a pale orange sky and clouds. The text "ATLANTIC STREAMLINE" (in bold BankGothic font) fades in below. "ATLANTIC" is dark grey and over a bright gray line that separates "STREAMLINE" in white.

Variant: On All The Queen's Men, it just has "STREAMLINE".

FX/SFX: The plane, the ripples of the ocean, and the clouds.

Music/Sounds: We start out with ocean waves and sea gull calls. A soft orchestral hum and shimmering sounds are heard along with the sound of the plane. Then a soft trumpet fanfare plays.

Availability: Can be seen on Igby Goes Down, 'All The Queen's Men and You're Dead

Scare Factor: None.