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Art Pictures Studio is a Russian film-making company that operates both in the domestic and international market. Founded in 1992 by Fedor Bondarchuk and Dmitry Rudovsky, the studio is part of the Art Pictures Group.

Until 2005 the company specialized primarily in the filming of commercials and music videos, and then filmmaking was chosen as the key goal of the studio’s activities.


Art Pictures Studio (2016) (From - Kikoriki Legend of the Golden Dragon)

Logo: We fade in to the silhouette of the boy holding an airplane while running up the hill at sunset. When he reaches the top of the hill, the boy throws the airplane and watches it fly around. Then, the airplane comes towards us, cutting to a black screen. We fade in to the background of the sun with the silhouette of a boy jumping, holding an airplane with the words "ART PICTURES STUDIO and "SINCE 1992" in yellow-orange next to him.


  • On a few films, such as Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon, the finished product just reads "ART PICTURES STUDIO" in orange on a black background.
    • On Dukhless 2, the logo is tinted in blue.
  • On Invasion, the logo animates as a teal hologram on a dark background. This is part of the prologue which appears in the same way.

Technique: CGI animation, then the fading-in and out.

Music/Sounds: A very majestic, romantic theme.

Availability: Can be seen on films like Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon.