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Arena Video logo (1988)



Nicknames: "Hitting lights" "Gativideo Brother" "Dino-Riders former cartoon variant"

Logo: Over a dark background like Rex Films Home Video 1st logo , we first see a circled frame and a space background , We see the words "ARENA" in 3D Zomba like font , when is completed formed the logo , then flashes hits it.

FX/SFX: The forming and flashes.

Variant: Dino Riders in 1988 has a white background with stickers , The logo zooms out , then after that. We see the different logo on a gold space background , Then , the text in blue "flips" in and stickers fades out , gone to white background , and then the text flips out them.

Music/Sounds: The different of the logo were played in variants like Dino Riders.

Availability: Ultra rare.