Closing Logo Group

(January 15, 2004)[]

Logo: On a black background, various golden particles rise from the bottom of the screen. The particles then rotate counterclockwise and get increasingly faster and faster. While this is happening, a shaky, cropped image of a golden-tinted spotlight with a burst effect appears in front, followed by a stylized film projector (also in a burst effect) appearing after the spotlight and the projector constantly flash one by one in a sporadic manner, both of which are still shaking in the process. It then blinks into a clapperboard in a diagonal position, while the camera pans towards the top of the spinning particles, which appears to be a vertical, cylindrical funnel. This is then followed by the clapperboard along with a golden staff with various notes on it sporadically flashing, eventually flashing into an italic "A" with various small triangles on the left side, representing motion blur on the "A". As it stops shaking, it releases a huge burst effect, causing it to split into two separate "A"s and the particle funnel to slowly dissipate. The two "A"'s slide in opposite directions to reveal "ANDAL ALAGAR" in the same format, while the funnel rapidly zooms towards the viewer simultaneously. A golden, DNA-shaped particle pattern flies in from the left and travels to the right to reveal "CINE COMBINES" underneath in a golden, futuristic font, as the 2 sets of texts then shine for a split second. The same pattern reappears but this time from the right side, revealing the Tamil translation of the company name.


Music/Sounds: Some discordant industrial sounds at the start, then followed by a triumphant synth fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Engal Anna.

Editor's Note: The logo starts so dramatically and loud that it will take a good blow for the majority of people, not even looking like a traditional Indian logo. But the actual logo forming after makes it more tame thanks due to the more situable nature, which may lead to confusion as part of that, but still eerie. This is on par with the 3rd Australian Broadcasting Corporation logo.