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(March 31, 1973)[]

Anand Movies (1973)

Logo: On a sunset sky background with clouds, we see a rectangular stone in the dark. On top of it, we see the model of a building on the left side and a statue of a bull on the right side. On the rectangle we see "ஆனந்த் மூவீஸ்" in white. When the lights are turned on, we see that the building is the Brihadeeswarar Temple, and a statue of Nandi (in Hindu mythology, it's the bull of Shiva), and the text is orange "ஆனந்த் மூவீஸ்". The lights dim and change contrast throughout the rest of the logo.

FX/SFX: The lights turning on, dimming, and changing contrast.

Music/Sounds: A three-note theme with brass instruments followed by three strums with a kind of lyra, and then a male announcer speaking about the film to be presented (Raja Raja Cholan) in Tamil for 28 seconds.

Availability: Only seen on Raja Raja Cholan, which was the first CinemaScope film to be released in the Tamil language.

Editor's Note: None.