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1991–1992 1992–1997 1997–1998 2016-Present

Act III Communications is Norman Lear's current company formed on October 21, 1985, after four months and three days since Lear and Perenchio sold Tandem and Embassy Television to Coca-Cola. Operations began on January 1, 1986. His first film under the Act III name was Stand By Me and was released by Columbia Pictures. Act III was also the name of a broadcaster Norman Lear was involved in, which owned several Fox and independent stations during the early '90s (most of its stations are now owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group). On February 2, 1989, Act III Communications formed a joint-venture with Columbia Pictures Television called "Act III Television" (later "Act III Productions") to produce television and not managing. This was marked as Lear's return to television production after leaving that field in 1978 to focus on cinema. In 2006, Act III purchased 50% of Village Roadshow Pictures and merged his music industry "Concord Music Group". Act III didn't have a logo until 1991.

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