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Background: Abdel Halim Nasr was initiated into cinema in the Alexandria that harboured talents but lost them to the lure of the promise and the city lights of the capital. He trained at the hands of the Italian studio owner Alvise Orfanelli where he spent his formative years in this most prolific studio and later gained his right to an autonomous future with the help and support of Togo Mizrahi to whom he remained faithfully indebted.



Abdel Halim Nasr (1957)

Nicknames: "Abdel Halim Nasr Présente", "French Egypt? No Way!"

Logo: On a black background, we see a circle with a movie camera inside. On the topper side of the right of the screen we see some Arabic text. Below them, we see another Arabic text (which translates to Abdel Halim Nasr presents). We see a filmstrip with "ABDEL HALIM NASR" inside. Under it we see "présente".

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: Why is "Presents" in French if Egypt was never a part of France?

Music/Sounds: A happy-sounding bombastic fanfare with tympanies.

Availability: Only seen on La anam.

Scare Factor: None. The whole music is too bombastic to scare people.