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Background: A. Film Production A/S (previously A. Film A/S, A. Film ApS and A. Film I/S) is a Danish animation studio currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It produces traditional and CGI animation for feature films, television, advertising and games. The studio's notable original features include Felidae, Help! I'm a Fish, Jungledyret Hugo and Terkel in Trouble. They didn't use a logo until 1995.

1st logo


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Nicknames:"The Evil Pig" "The Rude Pig" "That Strange Logo After Help! I'm A Fish" "The Distorted Pig" "The Posterized Pig"

Logo: During the end credits, we see the posterized version of a ugly pig (who, for some reason doesn't have a curly tail) with a smiley face plastered on his face smiling at us. Under it, there are the words: A·FILM.

Variants: Since this is an in-credit logo, every movie/short with it has it with a different color or in a different position.

FX/SFX: The credits scrolling.

Music/Sounds: The music during the end credits

Availability: The first time the logo was used was in the poster for "Jungledyret Hugo 2"; however, its on-screen debut was on original prints of "When Life Departs" (newer prints plaster it with the 2nd logo). It was also seen during the end credits of "Help! I'm A Fish" (Including the CD-Rom game).

Editor's Note: The pig is crudely drawn.

2nd logo

(2002- )

Nicknames:"Pig Stuck In a Ovoid" "The Tame Pig" "The Not so Evil Pig"

Logo: During the end credits, we see a black oblong with a pink pig inside with the same face from the 1st logo. Under him there are the words "A·FILM", with the dot on a pink color. Sometimes with "PRODUCTION" below

Variants: Same as the 1st logo. However, on the 2003 re-issue of "When Life Departs". A prototype version is seen without a black oblong on the black background along with the Magma Films Logo. On Estonian productions, The text reads "A•Film Estonia" or "A•Film Eesti", the pig is running instead in the variant

FX/SFX: The scrolling of the credits.

Music/Sounds: The music during the end credits.

Availability: It was first seen at the end of A·Film's adaptations of Hans Christian Andersen tales. It was then seen at the end of the 2003 re-issue of "When Life Departs". It's also seen at the end of "Terkel in Trouble", "Asterix and the Vikings", "The Ugly Duckling and Me", "Amazon Jack", "Niko and The Way to the Stars", "Journey to Saturn", "The Olsen Gang Gets Polished", "Niko 2", "The Olsen Gang in Deep Trouble", "Alfie Atkins: Hocus Pocus" and "Albert".

3rd logo

(2015- )

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Logo: The 2nd logo is on a black BG. The pig winks his eye and smiles. The logo fades.

FX/SFX: The pig winking his eye and smiling.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen at the start of "Albert".