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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment TCFHEPrintLogo1 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 2010 20th Century Studios logo
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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Domestic (North American) Variants


20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Following the acquisition of 21st Century Fox (which was defunct) by The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is now operating as a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Underwater was the last movie to use this name and logo.

International Variants


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This logo was internationally used on Laserdisc releases from 1995 to 2001, VHS releases right up to 2006 and DVD releases from 1999 to that year.

20th Century Studios Home Entertainment


20th Century Studios logo

Following the renaming from 20th Century Fox to 20th Century Studios in January 2020, its home video distribution arm also made the name change and uses the normal 20th Century Studios logo instead of the one that has the words "Home Entertainment" name on it.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (using Buena Vista Home Entertainment as the legal name) handles the distribution and packaging for future home media releases as its in-name label only.

The Call of the Wild was the first movie to use the new on-screen logo.

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