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20/20 Vision was a British division of RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video (later "Columbia TriStar Home Video") from 1990-97, which only released films on rental video. They also managed to release some tapes in other parts of the world, such as Brazil and Greece.


Nicknames: "The Silver Eagle", "The Geometric Eagle"

Logo: We begin with an image of a blue eye as we zoom in on its pupil that has an animated white eagle flapping its wings and flying towards us with a couple of clouds moving in the background. After that, the eagle suddenly gets struck by 4 arrays of diagonal lines, causing it to disappear. A massive array of flashing lines, rays and circles begin to strike the center into an X-shape and reform into a metallic silver geometric version of the eagle (a la the 1988 BBC News titles). The background becomes black and a blue rectangle outline appears around the eagle, which then shoots a red laser beam out of its eye to create "20·20 VISION" in the rectangle, with the two "20"s in coral pink and "VISION" in white. The eagle shines one more time, then the whole logo fades out.


  • After the logo completes, it zooms out to the top left of the screen to make room for a warning screen. On the top right, the word "WARNING" fades in. On the bottom of the logo and "WARNING", the warning text scrolls upward, shining in blue and coral pink. After it finishes scrolling, both the logo and "WARNING" fade out.
  • The black background turns into the blue hyperspace background, and the logo zooms in through and to the light of the hyperspace. Finally, we zoom into the light and cut to black. This variation can be seen in Moon 44.

FX/SFX: The zooming in of the eye, the flying eagle animation, the cloud backdrop, geometric shapes, the eagle turning into 2D, the laser beam writing "20·20 VISION", and the warning screen on the variant. Probably animated by the same people who made the 1988 BBC News titles.

Music/Sounds: A synth fanfare, with whooshing sounds accompanying the laser beam shooting out of the eagle's eye.

Availability: Uncommon. Examples of videos which have this logo include their releases of Rock-A-Doodle, Stone Cold, The Silence of the Lambs and Bad Boys.